Eco-Friendly - OXXO Care Cleaners
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Why Eco-Friendly?

OXXO® Care Cleaners delivers eco-friendly service through an environmentally safe and non-toxic garment care system. With the elimination of antiquated equipment and hazardous chemicals, OXXO® has basically reinvented the cleaning process in the United States, eliminating the use of industrial steam pressing or boiler rooms. At OXXO, we are proud to use products certified as ecological and non-toxic. Our dry-cleaning solvent, GreenEarth is such a safe and effective green cleaner for even the most delicate garments. Even the plastic bags used to protect your clothes are biodegradable.

Better for the environment. Better for clothes. No teasing.

GreenEarth is more than an ecologically safe alternative to perc. It is actually better for fabrics. And that’s not just our opinion, it’s science. You see solvents are not strong or weak on their own. They are only a carrier. Their “strength” is measured by how well they work in combination with additives to dissolve the materials that need to be dissolved without dissolving the materials that need to be protected.


There is actually a complex formula, called the Teas diagram, that explains solvent molecular interactions with complex science like Quantum Mechanics and Cohesive Energy Density. But all you really need to understand is that GreenEarth’s liquid silicone doesn’t work alone, it is part of a specially designed cleaning system with the silicone, the detergent and the machine programs.


The magic of the GreenEarth system is the unique way it has been designed to work with detergents and the cleaning action of dry cleaning machines to remove stains and soil from fabric fibers without “touching” them. Think of it as having the ability to use a scalpel for stain surgery when everyone else is still using a machete. The “molecular magic” of our cleaning chemistry has been customized with the help of the world’s leading detergent manufacturer, Procter & Gamble. And through science and testing, we have perfected the calibration programs to run the machines. Result? The GreenEarth Cleaning system loosens and removes soil particulate from fabrics without degrading or damaging textile fibers. Fabrics are cleaner, fresher, and last longer.
In all the talk about “sustainable businesses”, an important issue often overlooked is the sustainability of the green business itself. Green products and services usually cost more to deliver, but few consumers are willing to pay more for them. When going green puts business owners in the red, businesses can’t survive, and that doesn’t help the environment.


The built-in advantage of GreenEarth is that it is the only green dry cleaning system that doesn’t cost any more to use. Machines that can run with silicone solvent are no more expensive than traditional dry cleaning machines and they can be configured to operate with less energy and expense using new cold filtration technologies. Clothes processed in GreenEarth come out with less static, lint, wrinkling or the need for special handling, reducing the time and expense of processing and finishing. With productivity and operating efficiencies like these, going green with GreenEarth can actually improve your bottom line.